About the service and terms of service

By using the service, you agree to these terms and conditions. With TaxiToGo you can order a taxi in the TaxiToGo area, follow the taxi on the map and pay a taxi ride. To make full use of all new features, first register your information and payment card to the service. By subscribing to a taxi with the TaxiToGo Taxi service you will ensure you have an authorized taxi that is of high quality and safe. The taxis have a sealed taximeter and the prices of Taxitogo have been installed. A driver of a taxi is always a person who has TaxiToGo's professional privileges. TaxiToGo is offered by TaxiToGo. The customer understands that by using the application he accepts that the orders are made based on the address sent by the customer and that the customer is not entitled to compensation if the order has left the wrong address. The customer understands and accepts that GPS and cellular base station / cell positioning information may not necessarily give the full address and the customer understands and accepts that he / she must check the address suggested by the application for each subscription. Registering to the service makes it possible to efficiently utilize all features of the application. When registering, the customer will enter their name, phone number, email address, payment card information, and application password. Payment card information is stored only on the mobile payment broker (Bambora) system and TaxiToGo does not have access to the customer's payment card information and TaxiToGo hereby stores the card information on its own systems. Registration and taxi subscription is free. The cost of the taxi ride is determined by the TaxiToGo's Consumer Price List ( The customer may choose to determine the price of the fare as either the fixed price or the fare depends on the price displayed by the taximeter. The price of the trip is charged from the customer's payment card (optional also in the car) after the trip and the receipt is sent using the method chosen by the customer eg for the e-mail address. If the payment card fails, the invoice for the trip will be sent to the customer's email address. Taxitogo charges the collection fee for the customer. Use of the service requires the use of a mobile data connection. This can cause costs for the user. The user is responsible for the accuracy of the orders made. Misuse may cause the use of the service and the obligation to pay. Cancellation of a 10-euro / no-subsidized trip may be charged for a subscription to a service user, but for missed tax missions. The use of theTaxiToGo application is forbidden for commercial purposes, ie the user may not charge for payments from third party applications made with the application. The service is provided without obligation. Taxitogo shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages or expenses incurred as a result of inaccuracy or misuse of the service. The user of the service is registered based on the email address. The service collects information, for example. For subscribers to the travels and their reviews, please refer to the Personal Data Sheet. When ordering, the user's phone number is delivered to the ordering car to ensure the quality of the service. TaxiToGo may change these operating instructions independently as needed.

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